SpoolMaster. The master of output management for IBM AS400 iSeries.

SpoolMaster is an in-house output management software for IBM AS400 iSeries with more than 870 unique installations supported worldwide.
What does SpoolMaster do for you?

SpoolMaster is the future-oriented output management system for IBM AS400 iSeries that puts your data into a contemporary and appealing form. Thanks to its modular structure, you have numerous options for individually adapting SpoolMaster to your output needs.

What are the advantages of SpoolMaster?
  • Modular structure – you only pay for the functions you need
  • Digital dispatch of forms and documents – reduces your postage costs
  • Digital archiving in PDF/A or TIFF – creates more space in the filing cabinet & saves printing costs
  • Delete, copy, distribute and edit spool files
  • Form design directly on the PC with “Visual Forms Language” (VFL.net)

SpoolMaster gets important data into shape

For many years, the AS/400 system has been used by companies – especially for business-critical areas such as merchandise management. The high reliability of this system is still undisputed. However, one weakness of the proven IBM iSeries is the graphical preparation of data. Those who want to remedy this situation use the popular output management software from SpoolMaster.

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  • SpoolMaster Saves Costs

    No more postage, paper or filing cabinets! With SpoolMaster you send and archive your offers, order confirmations and invoices with a variety of cost-saving options – via e-mail, SMS, eBilling, and much more.

  • SpoolMaster is Modular

    The many functions of the proven output management solution SpoolMaster for IBM AS400 iSeries are divided into individual modules. So you get and pay for exactly what you need for your business. Tailor-made and without unnecessary additions.

  • Output Management in Top Technical Quality

    SpoolMaster brings your IBM i spool output directly to your PC. From here you can edit files with your existing programs.

  • SpoolMaster Speaks Many (Printer) Languages

    All PCL-capable printers can be addressed with SpoolMaster – at any location and on any (inexpensive) network printer.

  • Meeting All Challenges with SpoolMaster

    SpoolMaster adapts to the requirements of your business area – from output in different languages to barcodes, everything is possible.

  • SpoolMaster is Easy to Install

    Existing applications of your IT infrastructure remain completely unaffected by the installation and configuration of your new output management system SpoolMaster.

  • Future-proof Output Management

    SpoolMaster is continuously developed further according to strict quality guidelines. Since the findings from everyday practice or new legal requirements are continuously incorporated, your output management is and remains up-to-date at all times.

  • Rapid Support & Professional Maintenance

    Practical support and short response times ensure quick solutions even in critical situations. Daily contact with users is a valuable exchange of experience that flows into the further development and constant improvement of future releases.

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