While Microsoft 365 is fast becoming the center of business productivity, the backup and recovery strategy of these services is being neglected. Microsoft‘s availability SLAs are often confused with a backup strategy and overlook the fact that the ultimate responsibility for data protection lies with you, not Microsoft. Not having a Microsoft 365 data protection plan is a risky data strategy and exposes the company to a variety of threats.

Why backup for Microsoft 365?

  • Accidental deletion: data that is deleted by mistake is first sent to the trash and is kept for one month by default.
  • Retention Policy: Microsoft offers data retention of up to 90 days. This often does not meet the strict data retention requirements of industries
  • Internal threat: employees leave the company and important data is not transferred correctly or is deliberately deleted. In this case, the company has a standard period of one month to restore this data without backup. After this period the data is permanently deleted
  • External threat: Data can be manipulated or deleted by external threats, such as hacker attacks, and by malware, such as ransomware, are irretrievably encrypted.

Service Benefits

  • Customized backup strategy
  • Pay per use / cost transparency
  • Minimum investment cost
  • Self Service Portal for Admin & User
  • Axians operates the solution
  • Data under your control

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