What is Endpoint Protection?

A cohesive set of services aimed at protecting the endpoint device from a wide range of cybersecurity threats.   Endpoint Protection includes:

  • Malware Threat Detection/Prevention​
  • Host-based Firewall​
  • Application & Web Content Control​
  • Drive Encryption (DLP)​
  • Device Control (USB/SD Drive Management) (DLP)​

Main Benefits of EPP:

  • Reduce Risk Exposure
  • Protect Data & Intellectual Property
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  • Uphold Organizational Reputation
  • Maintain Customer & Partner Trust
  • Ensure Productivity & Business Continuity

Confidentiality | Integrity | Availability

The Protected Organization


  • Improve Inward Network Visibility
  • Attack Existing Threats
  • Detect & Stop Zero-Day Attacks
  • Reduce Upstream Incidents


  • Reduce Endpoint Threats
  • Block Malicious Web Content 
  • Control App & Website Access
  • Reduce Malicious & Accidental Data Loss


  • Perform Threat RCA
  • Reduce Attack Vectors
  • Identify Policy Violations
  • Isolate & Kill Malicious Processes
  • Continuously Monitor Host
  • Prevent Full Data Breaches


  • Proactively Identify Attack Routes
  • Determine Attack Nature via Event Reconstruction 
  • Obtain Proof of Compliance
  • Improve Incident Handling
  • Perform Automated Response

Phased implementation yields measurable benefits, but the most well-protected organizations implement multiple services to bolster their security posture, moving from reactive to proactive.

Solutions Roadmap: Our roadmap takes a systematic, multifaceted approach to implementing cybersecurity services focused on strengthening your organization’s ability to safeguard information assets. It proposes a proactive position to threat detection, prevention, remediation, and forensics. 

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