Vulnerability Management

5 Reasons Vulnerability Management Services Are Best for Your Business

Just as your business is growing and evolving, so, too, is the cyberthreat landscape.

In fact, RiskIQ suggests that in just one minute, “a staggering 375 new cybersecurity threats will emerge” and there will be at least one attack on an internet-connected device. At the same time, nearly every day, a new zero-day attack is identified.

Among these evolving threats, the vast majority are tied to the exploitation of a known vulnerability—vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are well aware of and working hard to exploit. Add in a long-standing cybersecurity skills gap, and it is no surprise that organizations are often caught on their back foot when it comes to securing their infrastructure.

However, there is a better option: finding a vulnerability management service provider that can be your partner in proactively fighting back. Here are five reasons why we think this could be the best option for your organization.

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1. Ability to Stay Ahead of Evolving and Emerging Threats

Between keeping services up and running, supporting users, and balancing new initiatives, it can be difficult for many organizations to find the time to stay ahead of evolving and emerging threats.

However, a vulnerability management provider focuses solely on being an expert in this space. They have the access to the right advanced tools, systems, and experienced personnel needed to run them.

2. Access to Cybersecurity and Technical Specialists

Hiring and retaining security and technology professionals has always been a challenge, especially when it comes to professionals who are trained to handle advanced malware and exploitation techniques.

A vulnerability management service provider gives your organization the ability to tap into a bench of talent for the situations in which you need them without having to worry about the overhead.

3. 24×7 Monitoring and Responsiveness

You never know when and how a cybercriminal will set his/her sights on your organization. Although you can have your own internal security systems and tools in place, given the number of zero-day tools and unique attack vectors, nothing can match constant vigilance.

When you partner with a vulnerability management services provider, you benefit from the 24x7x365 nature of their monitoring services, constantly looking for threats no matter what time it is. And you can trust that they are constantly researching new threats, updating their virus signatures, and standing by to respond when anomalies arise.

Can cybercriminals access your organization’s sensitive information? Find out when you download and complete Axians’ Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Scorecard. →

4. More Time for In-House Staff to Focus on Strategic Initiatives

If your organization’s vulnerability management is provided by an experienced professional team, your internal team can focus more on strategic initiatives.

Your team knows your culture, has a unique understanding of your systems and tools, and has the ability to better focus on your core business. Meanwhile, your managed service partner gives your team the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are constantly being monitored.

5. Cost Efficiencies from Scalability and Flexibility

On top of the cost of personnel, cybersecurity doesn’t come cheap. Between new equipment, renewing and updating licenses for software and tools, the time and effort to install and maintain systems, and reviewing and responding to alerts, the costs add up quickly.

Tap into your managed services provider’s ability to purchase new equipment, access licenses, and install and maintain hardware and software at scale. Then enjoy the cost savings and time efficiencies that get passed on to you.

Take the Next Step

Mitigating and managing your organization’s vulnerabilities is one of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of cybersecurity. Fortunately, you do not have to face these challenges on your own; there are experienced vulnerability management service providers that can give your organization the proactive, comprehensive, and advanced security you need to focus on serving your customers.

Take the next step toward finding your own peace of mind by contacting the experts at Axians. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help your organization implement and maintain your own cutting-edge vulnerability management program.