A global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in New Jersey develops innovative therapies for cancer and inflammatory disease treatment. Although it obtained many services from Axians as their relationship grew over time, the company initially sought the help of a skilled engineer to perform a much-needed Windows implementation across the organization. This client was looking for expert service delivery that would avoid interrupting the vital everyday activity of its staff, which was made up of more than 7,000 employees at the time.

Sending out a request for proposals, the company was searching for an IT partner to help them meet all challenges quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly. Impressed with Axians’s wide range of services and support, they entered into a partnership that quickly came to deliver more than their original ask.


Based on the success of the initial engagement, the biopharma company contracted Axians to provide services in cybersecurity endpoint protection, image building, and software distribution.

The biopharma company attributes the success of their partnership to Axians’s organizational adaptability, service solution flexibility, and ability to work within budget.

Windows Implementation

With regulatory compliance needs in mind, Axians deployed Windows with experienced project managers and technical resources. This included scheduling end users and ensuring all devices were configured to the client’s standards and working properly. Rather than relying completely on automation, Axians became the in-person partner the company wanted to bring more value to its internal team.

GXP Support

Axians helped the company support lab equipment according to its needs and provided added confidence during acquisitions that grew the client to 12,000 employees.

Asset & Identity Management

Axians stepped in to properly manage hardware, providing collection, migration, data cleanup, backup, logging, archiving, and storing. Axians also offered strategic advice and guidance surrounding these asset management decisions.

Endpoint Protection

The client required a preventative cybersecurity strategy for securing endpoint devices, such as servers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and virtual endpoints, against malicious attacks and intentional or accidental data loss. Axians helped with managing a strategic endpoint protection policy.

Axians provided data loss prevention; security threat prevention from viruses, malware, ransomware, greyware, and more; and adaptive threat prevention for zero-day threats and dynamic application control. Axians also supplied a host-based security firewall for blocking botnets, denial of service, and advanced persistent threats. They established web browsing control, allowing or blocking web content based on URL or substance, and privilege management to eliminate unnecessary privileges and elevate rights based on approved business needs.

Software Distribution & Desktop Engineering

Leaning on Axians for backend engineering to globally distribute software packages, the client was able to free up internal resources for more strategic initiatives.

Other Services


IT services from Axians gave this company the confidence to manage technology transitions during normal operations and successfully scale through acquisitions with 7,000 employees—a number that nearly doubled in size to 12,000 during the client’s relationship with Axians. Over more than five years, Axians continued to offer support beyond initial services as a trusted IT consulting and solutions provider.


  • protection

    Protected More Than 18,000 Company Devices

  • Supported Lab Equipment

    Supported Lab Equipment

  • Ensure Client Success

    Corrected Work Performed by Other Vendors to Ensure Client Success

  • Transitions & Acquisitions Support

    Provided Seamless Transitions & Acquisitions Support