This major life sciences manufacturer had contracted with an offshore firm to handle their database services and programming.

Due to internal reassignments, they had no IT staff available to serve as liaison and coordinator between the company’s business and application units and the database provider overseas.

Rather than lobby for another FTE, or have the database provider handle the liaison function (with the potential for conflict of interest), the company asked Axians for a solution.


On-site Program Coordination

Axians provided the services of a long-time database specialist and business analyst with responsibility for coordinating database services in the company.

On the client side, the Axians manager worked with the business and application units to define their database requirements — whether for improvements and changes, or for entirely new projects — and provide guidance on potential costs, timeframes, and technical issues.

On the provider side, the Axians manager was responsible for defining tasks, managing progress, and keeping processes aligned, all with an eye to ultimate costs and technical constraints.

Integrated Technical and Business Expertise

The key for the client was having the ability to translate business needs of the various units into workable database solutions, based on technical issues and operational needs involved — and then follow through with the database teams offshore to actually deliver the solutions aligned with the business.


Better utilization of the contracted database services — in terms of efficiency, costs, and matching to actual business requirements.

Dramatically less burden on IT management staff for all database issues, without adding staff, or encumbering time of director-level personnel.

Greater satisfaction and productivity in the business units for all issues involving database support.